Simulations--  2023

ERC-721 | Ongoing

“Sim_Box_of_Weeds_0001”  3mins 3840 x 2160.An exercise in simulating organisms with a series of physics rules, constraints, and probability within an isolated particle system. Inspired by the rules set forth in code based artworks / generative art. I want to emphasize the rules for the system to follow and let the machine create the artwork, generating new patterns and outcomes each time. Working in modern 3D programs / node based programs / code applications often reminds me of wrangling a small annoyingly difficult child with a mind if its own.

Sim__ | 0001


— 1 min 37sec
This was my first exercise in simulating organic systems through a combination of rules, constraints, an probability. Inspired by the rules written in code based artworks / generative art. Is it Art if it’s made by a machine? At what point is it Art vs just a Simulation?Rules:Spawn Yellow Bubble1% chance to spawn 12-25 misty bubbles.01% chance to spawn red bubbles.001% chance to spawn streamersEndMade in C4D, Octane, X-Particles, Ableton


-- Mohler Date: 1/10/2023 Duration: 4 min 17 sec Resolution 3840 x 2160
Rules:5% chance to spawn 1 bubble every second1% chance bubble mutates.01% chance bubble fissions into little bubbles.001% chance bubble spawns lines.001% chance lines spawn branches.0001% chance bubbles spawn swarming linesAdditional physics and fluid constraints.Xparticles Physics System Octane Render Cinema 4d
ERC-721 | 0002