The Eventual Unraveling of Everything

--  2021

ERC-721 | Total: 0009

The Eventual Unraveling of Everything

Dimensions: 24” x 50” Medium: Distressed Fabric, Projectors, Video 10mins Media Artists: Nate Mohler, Matea Friend, Will Wharton and Kaitlin BrysonSound Design: Luke Mombrea In The Eventual Unraveling of Everything we explored the myriad and complex intricacies of entropy as well as the interconnectedness of the systems that make up our universe. These are emergent systems built from colliding molecules repeatedly self-structuring and self-replicating through infinite interactions. These interactions produce life forms and the very life-giving circumstances that enfold and evolve us. As the universe constructs and evolves increasingly complex systems, it simultaneously devolves, deconstructs and expands through thermodynamic principles. This process of growth and decay ebbs and flows between ordered equilibrium and chaotic disorder, increasingly maximizing potential for more life and more death. To take a cosmological look back on the evolution of the universe and the undulations between order and disorder, the installtion consisted of a large, fabric sculpture with projection-mapped imagery. The sculpture was made with woven fibers to create a material plane, or ‘universe’. The fibers were then unraveled by hand, distressed and decayed, wearing away the fabric and simultaneously increasing its volume and dimension. The approach of both building and destroying was to speak to the ever-increasing potential of decay and the possibility of a more dynamic storytelling. The projected, procedural animations began as simple molecules that slowly self-organize and multiply. As the imagery progresses, so does the complexity, from sub-atomic to cosmic. In this way we held a small lens up to the interrelation of entropy and evolution.

Uncertainty, randomness, the innate desire of all things to go from an orderly to disorderly state. Many moments throughout 2020 resemble the rules of entropy, moments of high uncertainty, chaos, and disorder. We strove to encapsulate and honor entropy in a physical space. Between a global pandemic and challenges to the status quo, the beauty of entropy felt relevant and important to recognize. Randomness was a big part of this piece and guided the shape of the fabric as it took on a life of its own, growing more distressed and tendril-like towards the edges. There was no pre-render, no detailed sketch, the process included finding beauty in the uncertainty and disorder.


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